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    Claire Kavanagh

    Realtor, Buyers' Agent


    Claire Kavanagh grew up in New Jersey, but moved to Vermont while obtaining her Bache- lor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Vermont. Although she didn’t know it at the time, Claire fell in love with Vermont and everything it has to offer. Craving warmer temps post college, Claire took a position as a legal assistant on the Pacific coast, but after 6 years in sunny San Diego she decided to pack her bags and head back East. Her first stop was New York City where she continued her career helping the public, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that she still didn’t quite feel at home. Claire followed her heart back to a life in Vermont and into a career as a Buyer’s Agent in Real Estate. In her role as a Realtor® Claire combines her background in psychology with her passion for Real Estate. Having lived in the Burlington area for over a decade she brings her knowledge and love for Vermont to her work in helping home buyers find their ideal home. Claire believes that having the right conversations is a key factor in successfully helping homebuyers choose the right home. It is through open communication and careful listening that she is able to develop a foundation of trust, and in turn create strong, long-term client-agent relationships.

    Dianne Villa

    Listing Specialist, Realtor


    Originally a native to Jamaica (the country, not to be confused with the small town in Southern Vermont), Dianne has been a Vermonter since 1989. Prior to joining the Malley Group, Dianne owned her own small business while also raising her two daughters here in Vermont. She has discovered, through her own experiences, the value of understanding and honoring cultural differences, and has harnessed this practice as a tool to better serve her clients. Before starting a career in real estate, Dianne focused on community engagement in her role as a fitness instructor and Senior Program Director for the YMCA in Burlington. Dianne brings an open, friendly personality to the table; combine that with her determination and ability to connect through direct communication and you have a valuable asset to any successful real estate plan.

    Joe Malley

    Buyer Specialist


    Born and raised in Vermont, Joe spent most of his life helping his family run a variety of successful restaurants throughout Vermont and Massachusetts. Recently, he spent three years expanding the family bagel bakery in Boston, Massachusetts area. Now back in the Green Mountain State, Joe is excited to use his deep knowledge of Vermont and its communities, as well as his passion and drive, to help people find their perfect home. In his free time, Joe enjoys hiking with his dog, searching for Vermont’s finest beers, and spending time with family and friends.

    Kase Long

    Buyer Agent

    License Number: 082.0134098

    With an unparalleled passion for real estate paired with an extensive customer service background, Kase has developed focused listening skills to support him in understanding your needs and expectations while working together to find a winning solution. Ample sales experience has proven him innovative in his approach to marketing which has perfectly aligned him to deliver superior service and showcase that he is a visionary trailblazer. As a full time Realtor, Kase demonstrates his dedication through constant, open communication with his clients. Honest and realistic with a tactful approach, he is fully committed to providing unmatched support throughout the entire process to ensure the experience is both pleasurable and memorable. Growing up in Chittenden County has provided him with an intimate knowledge of, not only his home turf, but also the neighbouring Franklin County. Being no stranger to the area, he will be sure to help you pinpoint the best location for your family’s needs. Being a native has also allowed him to grow a vast network in the area, furthering his reach and opening possibilities. Kase proudly serves in the US armed forces as a non-commissioned officer and successfully completed multiple deployments in service to his country, and is an active member of the Vermont Army National Guard. Having a military background has proven him to be resourceful, organized and detail-oriented, skills he will utilize to ensure a smooth journey in your real estate endeavour. When not assisting clients, Kase is always eager to spend time with his family and entertain friends, nurturing the relationships closest to him. Travelling and carpentry are the hobbies that both energize him and ignite his creativity.

    Louise Johnson



    Louise was born and raised in VT, she is a 1997 graduate of UVM with a Bachelor's of Science in Community Development and Applied Economics. Her passion for real estate began in 1998 when she bought a duplex in the Old North End of Burlington, VT, renovated and sold it 5 years later. Since then, Louise has assisted her parents in property managing their multi-family properties in Burlington, VT. In her spare time, Louise is an avid hiker, spending lots of time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She also enjoys skiing, mountain biking, running, and volunteering for a local dog rescue, All Breed Rescue. Louise is a former Licensed Nurse's Aide, and is also a nationally licensed massage therapist. She lives with her fiancé, Simone, their 6 year old daughter, Gianna and 3 dogs.